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Use electricity wisely

Despite the great strides in increasing access to electricity in the last 25 years, electricity still remains an expensive and scarce household resource.As such it is important for all South Africans to use electricity with care, sparingly and efficiently, Energy Minister Jeff Radebe said on Tuesday. “Given our current energy availability challenges, it is also important for all of us

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Load shedding a last resort

Eskom says it will implement load shedding when absolutely necessary.On Thursday afternoon, the power utility alerted South Africans of a high risk of load shedding following a shortage of capacity due to the loss of generating units at its power stations. However, load shedding was not implemented on Thursday night, as the demand for electricity was lower than anticipated. The

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President to witness testing of new PRASA train sets

President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to visit the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) in Cape Town next week where he will be briefed on efforts to improve commuter services. The meeting, set for Tuesday, will allow the President and the agency to look at ways to stimulate economic activity and industrialisation through PRASA’s modernisation programme, the Presidency said

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