Samsung CEO says Galaxy Fold release ‘will not be too late’

Samsung plans to announce a new release date for its stricken Galaxy Fold smartphonesoon, according to The Korea Herald. Co-CEO DJ Koh, who is responsible for Samsung’s mobile business, told the newspaper that the company “has reviewed the defect caused from substances [that entered the device], and we will reach a conclusion today or tomorrow [on the launch].”

That language suggests the company may have found a solution to the problem encountered by our own Dieter Bohn, whose Galaxy Fold review unit developed a bump under the screen after just a day of use. Samsung plans to improve the durability of the hinge’s exposed areas, according to the Herald, and will also reduce the gap between the screen’s bezels and its protective layer. Some reviewers inadvertently managed to cause screen malfunctions by removing that layer, which shipped looking like a regular disposable screen protector.

Samsung Galaxy Fold review: broken dream

Koh also said “We will not be too late” in response to a question about whether the Galaxy Fold might ship in the US within the month. Yesterday it emerged that Samsung would cancel any preorders if the phone doesn’t ship by May 31st unless customers notify the company otherwise, but it does sound like the company plans to release the device sooner than might have been expected.

At the very least, Koh’s comments confirm that the Galaxy Fold hasn’t been cancelled altogether. But it goes without saying, of course, that anyone still seriously considering buying this phone should watch what happens with the greatest of skepticism.


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