Residents vow to make Mamelodi ungovernable as evictions continue

Pretoria – Streets near Solomon Mahlangu Road are lined up with items such as refrigerators, beds, music system, television sets and couches as the Red Ants evicted people. Residents have been accused of occupying flats near the Heatherly Cemetery illegally.

The residents said they could not wait any longer for the city to allocate the houses, which they added were empty and being vandalised, or sold to foreign nationals.

Scores of evicted occupants are lined up on the street with their belongings scattered around them. Children as young as two years sat on mattresses as parents they salvage their belongings.

The houses are still incomplete and have no taps or basic services such as electricity meters and running water.

Community leader known as George said they demanded that the Department of Housing addresses the problem. “In 2016, they promised us these houses, and now they are allowing outsiders to take over houses. He said people from other provinces were occupying what rightfully belongs to the people of Mamelodi,” he said.

The 500 units flats were believed to still belong to the province and were yet to be handed over to the City. 


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