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Smoking marijuana may not affect men’s fertility

Men who have smoked marijuana at some point in their lives had significantly higher concentrations of sperm compared with men who have never smoked weed, according to a new research by Harvard University. The study looked at men who were seeking help at fertility clinics, not the general population. But the findings, detailed in the Human Reproduction journal, stands in

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Pirates Cup Stage is Set

Juventus, Manchester United, Barcelona and Porto all sat in the main hall of UEFA’s Headquarters in Switzerland, waiting in anticipation as former Brazilian national team goalkeeper and Champions League winner, Júlio César, stood over the draw procedure ahead of their fates being decided in the Quarterfinal stages of professional football’s premier club competition. Over 12 000km away, at the fabled

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Pretoria zoo explains fears over hippo inhabitant

Pretoria zoo has explained fears of hippos living in the “dirty green water” recently seen by patrons. This misunderstanding comes after a group of people posted what looked like a green layer floating in the water where the hippos live at the Pretoria botanical gardens zoo. National zoological gardens spokesperson Angeline Schwan, however, said the green plants seen in the

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Vehicle theft still a headache for PTA east police,

Police identified Hatfield, Hillcrest, Brooklyn, Lynnwood, Menlo Park and Eramuskloof as the major targeted areas. Pretoria east and surrounding areas remain major hotspots for theft of motor vehicles and robberies, police said this week. Spokesperson for the police Captain Colette Weilbach said the Brooklyn police were concerned about the number of theft of motor vehicles and street robberies in the

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