Ptoria News Update had a very interesting and insightful online conversation with Sky Maximilian a DJ of note , a club banger of deep house. We talked everything from music, to the advent of internet and how its inclusive in its nature and how to prepare for a gig….

How did the name sky Juice Maximilian came about ?

Lol well sky juice is or was a reggae group in Jamaica well I’m not sure if they still perform or not but yeah that’s where I got it from and soon after discovering the name, I found out that there’s a drink called sky juice in the Bahamas which was refreshing and that made me like the name..I then started using it on Mxit as a username and it stuck from then..Maximillian is Latin for greatest so I want to be the greatest in whatever I do

Sky Maximilian

So the music you play on decks are you limited to house, dance music or do you do reggae as well on decks i’ve never heard o DJ mixing house with an element of reggae?

I’ve never ever played reggae, lounge…deep house and commercial but most deep I play lounge…deep house and commercial house but mostly deep I meant*

So where you introduced to House music, dance, or you got a calling from within that you need to contribute to the sound?

You don’t get introduced to house music,you feel it…LOL, Its a calling I was naturally attracted to house music as a genre to play but to be honest I love all kinds of music Trip hop, Acid jazz Hip hop

Currently what is Sky doing? and productions or singles coming our way?

Production yes but to say when the single will be released I’d be lying Loool

So how do you prepare for a GIG,? do you carry large bags, and vynals?

First I roll a blunt, then I listen to a playlist and compile a set from Lol i use USB or my laptop, Lol music and joints go hand in hand

What you think is the future of music in this digital space? Whats your take on this current era and music in the days of the internet?

Well I think right now its easier to get your music across to the masses which is a good thing but on the other hand it’s even easier to pirate ones music,so the internet is a two way street..with physical copies you could tell how successful you are but rn most artists even lie about their streams..

in terms of the future well we’re already in the future with apps like soundcloud where there’s an ocean of music ready to be discovered,platforms like that will help artists get their music across or DJs to upload their mixes and interact with the masses..the internet is tricky lol, Yeah that’s my 2 cents worth

So are you a resident DJ or u do gigs only ?

Right now I do gigs only

What makes you decide to play a particular record during one of your sets? Is there a criteria other than pure subjectivity, for selecting what to play at a gig?

Some songs I genuinely play according to the vibe or setting but I try by all means to stick to my set irregardless, I play music that I love and for people to respond to that is all i want

Any memorable gig you played at and you think it was well organised and you  rocked the crowd? and the worst gig you played at, which was horrible and the sound was not proper. How did you deal with such hiccup ?

Last year December 15th I got to play at The Sun arena,Time Square because one DJ couldn’t make it, I wasn’t there to party I was actually there for the Cannabis Expo I got lucky and I killed it!!!

Well I’ve been lucky enough to not have been invited to a place where there’s bad equipment and the worst experience was when I played at local club in rusty and I played immediately after a DJ who was playing gqom and here I am coming with deep house .

Lucky you, you haven’t experienced such Hiccups in the journey…because some djs go through hell regarding

Yeah and I’ve travelled with other DJs to such hiccups but if you’re paid it shouldn’t be a big deal for you




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