MTN launches R300 smartphone with WhatsApp

MTN has started to roll out its new Smart S 3G phone across all of its African markets, including South Africa.

The device was originally unveiled in November 2018 as the product of a partnership between MTN, Unisoc, KaiOS, and China Mobile.

This new phone runs the KaiOS operating system, which is a lightweight Linux-based OS also used by the Nokia 8110 “Matrix phone”.

It does not have as many features as a standard Android smartphone, but it is significantly cheaper and still supports popular apps such as WhatsApp and YouTube.

MTN said its Smart S 3G would be priced at around $22, making it one of the cheapest “smart” 3G phones available on the market.

Thanks to MTN, we got our hands on one phone before it becomes available locally.

The MTN Smart S 3G supports 3G connectivity and despite its traditional feature phone design, it also includes a number of useful applications and hardware features.

The device comes with various apps installed, including Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Assistant.

Users can also download WhatsApp from the KaiStore.

Apart from its impressive software support, the MTN Smart S 3G includes a web browser, front and rear camera, FM radio, and up to 5 days of battery life.

The phone also supports dual-SIM and a microSD card with up to 32GB of storage.

GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi support are included.

MTN Smart S 3G (4)

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