Over 9000 unclaimed title deeds gather dust in Tshwane

Pretoria – There are over 9000 unclaimed title deeds gathering dust at City of Tshwane offices. MMC for Human Settlements Mandla Nkomo said many title deed holders could not be traced, and others refused or neglected to correspond with the City regarding their title deeds. He encouraged title deed holders to collect them at any one of the City’s seven regional offices.

“We are sitting with over 9000 uncollected title deeds, which we urge the rightful beneficiaries to collect. We have, in the past, explored several methods of communication, such as letters, house-to-house visits, consumer education workshops, word of mouth, and ward councillors’ mass meetings to urge beneficiaries to collect their title deeds. However, not all of them came forward.”

He said the City had so far issued more than 9800 title deeds since 2016.

Last year, 89 Eersterust families became the beneficiaries of title deeds.

“If I die now, I will die a happy person because I have my title deed in my hand with my name on it,” she said.

Leandri Bergman said it was a bitter-sweet moment when her name was called to receive her title deed.

“My mother died without having the opportunity to own a home and my sister burned to death in this same home, so today I have mixed feelings. I am happy, but also very sad because it feels unfair that I received the title deed which should have been given to my mother many years ago.” Her mother, Molly Bergman, died in 2012.

Nkomo said the residents of Eersterust had waited for a long time for their title deeds. “We want to emphasise that only a registered person/owner of a house or stand can collect a title deed. That registered person/owner must take his/her green bar-coded ID or ID card along when visiting the housing office.”


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