These degrees pay the highest salaries in SA

DURBAN – Salary data published by CareerJunction and other job portals offer insight into the average salaries for specific jobs with engineering and ICT jobs being the highest paid careers the country according to BusinessTech.  

According to PayScale, this is also shown in the average salary data across degree types. The data shows that people with engineering degrees are paid higher than other degree types.

The wage tracking group’s data is based on user-inputted updated to February 2019. 

For the degrees listed below, numerous user profiles were tracked in each category which was in total 16000 submissions from South Africa. 

Here is the table: 

DegreeMinimum salaryAverage salaryMaximum salary
Bachelor of EngineeringR123000R411000R 2 600000
Bachelor AccountingR68000R373000R2 500000
Bachelor of ScienceR95000R337000R2 300000
Bachelor of CommerceR71000R327000R1 800000
Bachelor of TechnologyR82000R291000R1 000000
Bachelor’s DegreeR273000
Bachelor of Business AdministrationR54000R259000R2 100000
Bachelor of ArtsR60000R231000R2 100000
Bachelor of EducationR54000R194000R811000

Jobs that are in demand for 2019

CareerJunction has released their latest index that shows the jobs that are highest in demand for the beginning of 2019. 

CareerJunction said that the trending jobs over the last month include purchasing and procurement, internal  auditing, finance/project accounting. 

Sectors like admin, office, sales, marketing and medical where the amount of jobs dropped by more than 40 percent. 



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