Rape: women filled with anxiety in Nellmapius

Pretoria – Fear is mounting among women in Nellmapius after a rapist who has been operating in the area struck again last week – the third time in as many weeks.

Police have released an identikit of the man in his 30s who is believed to be behind the rape and robbery incidents, dating back a year.

One of the victims, a 65-year-old woman who lives with her three grandchildren, said: “I sleep with one eye open. Ever since we heard about this man running rampage through the community, I’ve been fearing for my life and those of my grandchildren.

“A person like this can even kill you if you don’t give him what he wants.

“I no longer want the little ones to roam the streets because you never know what might happen,” she said.

Another resident blamed the rise in incidents of rape and robbery on the fact that the area does not have its own police station.

“We are no longer safe. From what I heard, the man first asks his victims if they have HIV. If not, then he doesn’t use protection.

“But if you respond that you are positive, he uses a condom. It’s really scary and we are not feeling safe anymore.

“The problem here is that we don’t have our own police station; we have to take a taxi to either Mamelodi or Silverton to report crimes.

“Also, there are no police patrolling the area; it means this guy has freedom, and that’s why they have not caught him.”

The suspect is also linked to the rape of a 20-year-old woman that occurred last month. According to reports, the victim woke up at night and saw an unknown man outside her open bedroom window.

He pointed a firearm at her through the window and instructed her to unlock the door. Once inside, the man, who was wearing a balaclava, cut the victim’s underwear with a knife and raped her. He left with her cellphone.

Brooklyn police station spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach said the latest incident happened at the beginning of last week. Another woman had been raped on Valentine’s Day.

“A 47-year-old woman was woken up by her teenage daughter at about 3am. There was an unknown man inside the house.

“He threatened them with a firearm and raped the mother.

“He then threatened to rape the teenage girl as well. Fortunately, his cellphone rang and he left the house to take the call. The mother and daughter were then able to lock the doors and call for help.

“He stole a cellphone from the house,” she said.

The latest victim was raped while she was with her baby in the room.

“On Monday, February 18, during the early hours of the morning, a 29-year-old woman was asleep inside her house. An unknown man entered the room and threatened her with a firearm. He took her cellphone and demanded money. He then raped her with her crying baby in the room,” Weilbach said.

In a November incident, the perpetrator also threatened a victim with a knife and instructed her to keep quiet and to hand him money. After he ransacked the house, he raped her.

The suspect is light in complexion, smokes and speaks Sepedi and isiZulu.

Weilbach appealed to anyone with information to contact the investigating officer Captain Frank Radue on 0829615252 or call 0860010111.


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