Outcry over sex crime claims at Valhalla primary school

Pretoria – Politicians and social activists on Wednesday pleaded with parents, teachers, pupils and government to pull together to make schools safer.

This sentiment was created by concerned Anti-crime activists Yusuf Abramjee, DA council member Ina Strijdom, eff regional money handler Obakeng Ramabodu and #NotInMyName secretary-general Themba Masango on wednesday, after allegations that a 55-year-old male teacher had been touching girls aged between ten and thirteen unsuitably at Valhalla elementary school.

Masango arrived at the school with young activists to appeal to South Africans to try and do things otherwise this year.

Ramabodu arrived in the afternoon with fellow eff councillors, Noko Manaka, Lebo Masoleng and Thamia Letlokoane.

They held a meeting with the school’s new principal.

Ramabodu said: “Although principals cannot suspend educators, we needed assurance that the suspected educator are going to be served with a letter to not report back to work. these things cannot keep on happening.

“We cannot have a repeat of last year’s events where incidents of sex crime were exposed. we’d like government to provide avenues for learners to speak. we’d like specialists like social workers and psychologists to go to schools at least once every week.

Abramjee said: “This matter came to my attention around 6pm yesterday, and i immediately called MEC for Education Panyaza Lesufi United Nations agency is in Cuba on other important work.

“He started making calls and made sure the ball was rolling, and this morning (yesterday the educator was told to not report back to work. we cannot keep coping with these styles of disturbing incidents.”

Masango said schools, like churches, had become shuddery places for today’s society, while they were places meant to be safe and friendly. He said all investigations ought to be done in the correct manner.


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