Q & A With hip hop artist “Tebogo”from PITORI

Ptoria News Update caught up with Tebogo the Hip Hop artist from the dusty and mighty streets of Pretoria, a rapper of note telling stories through music. His single PITORI is out and blazing the streets of Pretoria and Gauteng here Q & A regarding his journey thus far…

What drew you to the music industry?

I don’t know, I’ve been trying to find myself for a long time asking myself what am I passionate about, I played soccer even though I was good at it,..it still didn’t feel like that’s where I belong. started writing and recorded my first track years ago, LOL even though it was bad I knew that it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, tell stories through music.

Tebogo at a photo shoot

Who are you inspired by?

Any person who simply works hard to make their dreams come true in life is an inspiration to me.

Why did you feel the need to change your stage name?
-It just wasn’t compatible with my personality and a lot of my following could not relate to who I was because I wasn’t myself and the only way I could make the listeners understand me, was just to be myself by using my real name as my stage name.

Please explain your creative process.
-Well it differs from time to time, sometimes my producer would make a beat while we’re in the studio and I’d write the whole song on the spot, sometimes i get a beat and I can take weeks to record it and sometimes I just freestyle. It all depends on the energy & the mood I’ll be feeding of my surrounding.

Tebogo at a photo shoot

What is the concept of Pitori?
-Firstly a majority of people who live in Pretoria call it PITORI. The concept of Pitori is just inviting people living outside of Pretoria who love to party, and I do that by sharing my experiences of fun times with my friends around pitori.

Whats an average day like for you?
-Wake up at am to pray, check my mail, take a bath then eat. After that it depends on what I have to do for the day. it could be recording, creating social media content or figuring new and creative ways to grow as an artist.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
-No im a straight forward artst, what you see and hear is what
you get.

Do you collaborate with others? What is the process?
-Yes I do, Sometmes we make music in the same studio sharing
ideas and helping each other out which is fun, the boring part
about a collabo is when another artst sends a beat with a concept
for me to do my part on the song. But I understand because most
of the artsts I work with are busy with their own projects trying to
come up as well.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?
-I interact with them through social media and I love and respect
them as if they were my own blood brothers and sisters, not just
because I want them to download and stream my music, but I
want those who don’t know me personally to feel like they do, so
when ever I get a question, comment or inbox I don’t even waste
time I answer them asap, lol.

Tebogo at a photo shoot

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least
favorite? Why?

-I love the fact that you can inspire a person to have the courage
to take on what has been holding that person back, Make a
person dance, be full of joy or cry with just a 3- minute song.
-My least favorite part about this line of work is not being where
i matter the most which is home with family, because to be able
to provide for them it doesn’t matter where they call me to be, I
will be there because I want to grow in this industry and that’s the
sacrifice i made which will one day make sense to them because
right now they don’t understand.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
-No, because I have never performed in front of a massive crowd
like in an event, but even if I get the chance to so I don’t think that
I will be scared or anything since I have been waiting pull a crowd
since I started making music. And I’ve always applied myself to
PERFORMANCE) when ever I have to do something serious.

Tell me about your favourite performance venues.
-Simply any place where they love and appreciate any
hardworking artst who has a story to tell and they would actually
listen, LOL could be under a tree, on a paving or parking lot it
doesn’t matter as long as their listnening.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in
your foot steps.

recipe for success and that’s all I have to say.

What’s the latest now?
-Pitori is out now and the feed back is just positive and amazing,
thanks to each and everyone who made an effort to follow,
download, stream and share the song I don’t take what they do
for me lightly. -Preparations to release another single are ongoing as we speak, we are just not sure about the actual date yet but we plan on
releasing it in between the end of February till the end of march. I
promise to update you on the date as soon as it has been set.

FACEBOOK: @tebogowapitori
TWITTER: @tebogo_wa_pta
INSTAGRAM: @tebogo_wa_pitori
EMAIL: music@tebogowapitori.co.aa


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