How to boost your confidence minutes before your interview

Interviews are scary because you only have one chance to impress the interviewer. Here are great tips to boost your confidence and help you stay positive.

Interviews are scary because you only have one chance to impress the interviewer and he or she is going to be judging everything about you. Employers want to see confidence in their applicants. The best way to stay confident is to be positive and prepared.

Saying positive things about yourself over and over can boost your confidence and reassure you that the interview will go well. Try saying to yourself “I am the right person for the job” or “They will be impressed with my qualifications”. Hearing compliments from yourself makes more of an impact than hearing it from others. We are our own worst critic after all. Even if you don’t believe it at first, saying it enough may make you believe it

Go over interview questions
Employers of any job often ask similar questions like “what is your biggest flaw or weakness?” or “where do you see yourself in ten years?”. Many of these questions can be found if you click here. Study them and ask a friend to quiz you on the answers. If you know what’s coming, you’ll be more confident of what to say.

Practice in the mirror
Practice making eye contact and speaking in a clear voice. Take note of your body language. Do you look confident? You are seeing what the interviewer sees. Now you have a clear picture of what you look like at the interview. Keep that in your head during the interview. Looking the part is half the battle of staying confident. For more top traits that interviewers love, click here.

Ask yourself “Why should I get this job?

It all comes down to this question. The employer wants to know why you are the best candidate. You want to be sure that is you. Remind yourself why no one else can fill the opening as well as you can. Put all your skills and experience together to form the answer and remember it well. You have what it takes and you just have to show that to the interviewer.

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