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YouTube to crack down on dangerous pranks and challenges

YouTube has stated that it will increase its efforts to crack down on dangerous pranks and challenges. In a thread of tweets, the video platform reminded users of its content policies – stating that it prohibits content encouraging dangerous activities which may result in serious harm. The company also posted an update to its FAQ section outlining its policy towards dangerous pranks

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Pretoria man accused of stealing iPads and kidnapping children due to incorrect IP address database

A Pretoria man has been on the receiving end of angry locals wanting their Apple iPads returned, private investigators demanding to search his house for kidnap victims, and complete strangers accusing him of crimes. This is according to a Gizmodo report, which looked into the bizarre case. The strange occurrences started in 2013, when people began banging on the man’s gate

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Team SA gears up for WEF

As the annual World Economic Forum meeting draws closer, Team South Africa has met to chart the path for South Africa’s strategy at Davos, Switzerland. The meeting, which kicks off on 22 to 26 January 2019, brings together more than 3 000 leaders from business, government, civil society, academia, arts and culture and media, as well as the foremost experts

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Free subscription to The Entertainer is hugely popular – FNB

FNB has announced that over 60,000 of its customers have registered for The Entertainer in the two weeks since the bank partnered with the platform. The Entertainer offers two-for-one discounts at a variety of venues, from restaurants and beauty salons to gyms and hotels, for the duration of 2019. Users of The Entertainer app usually pay an annual fee of

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Come To Orlando and Win!

With every swashbuckling tale of the mythical seven seas, there are side anecdotes which follow the marauding exploits of those who rule the waters. From the likes of Captain Kidd, Henry Morgan and ‘Blackbeard’… to the more Hollywood renowned Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook and Davey Jones, all these exponents of the high seas had their vices which endeared them –

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Robbers out on bail rearrested

National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole has saluted members of the South African Police Service’s (SAPS) Tracking Team after they on Monday night, for the second time, stopped the same suspects from committing a business robbery in Marapyane, near KwaMhlanga. Two suspects, who are currently out on bail, were arrested at the scene. A police rifle was also recovered In

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