Following a formal notification from Rand Water, the City of Tshwane pleads with Tshwane’s residents and business community to be serious about conserving water.

Rand Water indicated that due to high temperatures, water consumption has increased drastically over the past couple of weeks, resulting in their reservoirs reaching critical levels.

Rand Water has no choice but to severely restrict all Tshwane meters, and requests consumers to use water sparingly.

The following areas was restricted by 20% to 25% of the current water flow rate, as the levels of the reservoirs that supply them are very low:

  • Ga-Rankuwa Industrial sites
  • Mabopane
  • Ga-Rankuwa
  • Akasia Park
  • Kruisfontein
  • Brakfontein
  • Pretoria West
  • Sunnyside
  • Arcadia
  • Meintjieskop
  • City centre (CBD)
  • Wonderboom
  • Saulsville
  • Erasmia

The following areas will also be restricted by 20% to 25% as from today due to reservoir levels still dropping as a result of the high temperatures:

  • Kosmosdal
  • Rooihuiskraal
  • Thaba Tshwane
  • Blair Athol

However, the restrictions are applicable throughout Tshwane and will ensure the control of water and water supply to all residents. So we urge the City’s consumers to utilise water in a far more effective and efficient way.

If this appeal is heeded, water-related interruptions will be minimised. The water conservation measures that were implemented during the initial restrictions should become the norm.

Residents are reminded of the following hints that were provided in terms of the partial restrictions that the City of Tshwane announced in May last year:

  • Use grey water for watering gardens and flushing toilets.
  • Report water leaks and pipe bursts.
  • Install water-saving devices.
  • Where possible, install a low-flow showerhead and tap aerators.
  • Use a dual-flush toilet cistern.
  • Plant indigenous or drought-resistant shrubs in the garden.  
  • Water gardens before 06:00 or after 18:00 and only when necessary.
  • Use a broom instead of a hosepipe to clean driveways or patios.
  • Collect rainwater for re-use in the garden or for washing the car.
  • Cover the swimming pool to reduce evaporation.
  • Take a shower rather than a bath.
  • Close a running tap while brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Regularly check toilets and taps for leaks.

Residents, please remain vigilant to wastage of this scarce resource and make saving water part of your lifestyle by following the above-mentioned tips.


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