Continually proving to be one of the most popular spirit purchases in global travel retail and across markets in the Americas, Africa and Europe, Amarula represents Africa in a bottle, with all locally sourced ingredients handpicked and handcrafted to create distinctive and unique taste profiles for special occasions.

With decades of experience as one of the world’s most enticing cream spirits, Amarula is proud to announce the launch of its new premium cream liqueur, Vanilla Spice, that aims to provoke the spicier side of Africa.

According to Kelly Heinrich, Global Development Manager at Amarula, this latest addition is a completely new liqueur offering inspired by Africa, but with an unexpected twist. “The premium flavour innovation is the first of a series of extensions that represents an unexpected, sleek, modern and exotic side of Africa.”

Heinrich explains that a new direction was followed with the bottle design. “Aesthetically the design will support the brand’s intention to exude an unexpected African experience. With a bold white coated bottle that is locally produced, the design sets a new standard for premium cream liqueurs, while showcasing a vibrant colourful label that represents the rich tapestry of the continent. In addition to upping the aesthetic elements of our packaging, the liqueur will deliver a newness that is a flavour of all things Africa.

“When it comes to flavour, only ethically sourced, uniquely African ingredients are used. Amarula Vanilla Spice has been infused with Madagascan vanilla extracts and African ginger to create a spicier, smoother and more luxuriant drink, all expertly blended with the finest quality cream for an indulgent taste sensation. The hint of spice found in the liqueur is combined perfectly with the subtle notes of vanilla and the unique exotic, natural Marula fruit for a rich and smooth taste,” says Heinrich.

She adds that the new Vanilla Spice is perfectly suited for a late night indulgence, after-dinner treat or lazy afternoons in front of a crackling fire while toasting marshmallows – it is the ideal warmer on cooler days. Enjoy on its own, poured over ice, shaken into hot drinks or in baked desserts.

“This luxurious new offering will increase both shelf space and drive news for the brand, which will essentially be the springboard for a provocative new positioning.”


Introducing, Amarula Vanilla Spice, a new premium cream liqueur from Amarula. Made from ethically sourced, uniquely African ingredients.

Distilled Marula spirit, Madagascan vanilla extract & African ginger root are expertly blended with the finest quality cream for an indulgent taste sensation. Contains 15.5% alcohol.


The Marula spirit, made from distilled Marula fruit contains natural wood spice characteristics of vanilla and caramel.

The Bourbon Vanilla extract has a powerful rich and very long lasting note of fresh, ripe vanilla beans with a sweet spicy background.

The African Ginger Root extract is best known for its strong spicy ginger flavour. This root brings an African heritage to the flavour to create complexity.


Serve chilled over ice, as a lift to hot drinks, coffees and milky latte, or on baked desserts or Dom Pedro. Spice up your day in a sophisticated way.




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