South Africa: ”basketball without borders” opens ahead of world match in Pretoria

Launched at the Sustainability Week 2018, Green Pitch is a high-impact supplier development programme through which key suppliers of the City can collaborate effectively, to ensure sustainable service delivery by implementing a sustainable procurement strategy that enhances the City’s overall value chain performance.

The supplier development programme requires an innovative approach in order to mainstream sustainability in the City’s operations, and sustainable service delivery with impactful outcomes for all stakeholders.

The programme will showcase the creativity and design-thinking of key suppliers and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tshwane, and so bridge the gap between formal industry and entrepreneurs – the key emerging economy in Africa.
We, the City, are committed to driving the sustainable procurement programme and are pledging support to key suppliers that demonstrate –
· the business case for sustainability supply and technology;
· SME integration into the formal value chain by developing local markets for sustainable goods and services; and
· awareness of the environmental footprint and social impact.

Entrants have to respond to the City of Tshwane Demand Statement in the context of the MMC for Finance’s Sustainable Procurement Brief. Finalists will be announced in August 2018. The top ten finalists have the unique opportunity to take part in a one-month sustainable value-chain performance boot camp, which will include mentoring sessions with top thought leaders of industry, and sharing practical toolkits for step change.

The City of Tshwane is actively promoting sustainable purchasing, and it gives us the assurance that we will no longer be complicit in activities that for the sake of the bottom line are disrespectful of people and the planet.
For more information, visit:


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