MTN hikes WhatsApp data bundle price due to massive network strain

MTN has announced that its recently-launched WhatsApp data bundle will receive a price increase. MTN introduced new social bundles in April 2018, one of which offered 1GB of data for WhatsApp usage, valid for 30 days, for R10. The new pricing is R30/bundle, though some users will continue to enjoy the R10 deal.

“The  response from the network users has been exceptional. WhatsApp usage on the MTN network has increased by 300% in the past two months,” the company said in a statement on Monday. “Millions of South Africans are using WhatsApp on our network and millions more have been buying these bundles

“MTN’s WhatsApp bundle will be repriced from R10 to R30. However, the most vulnerable South Africans that are currently spending less than R10 on WhatsApp per month will be protected from the change in pricing and will still have access to this low-cost WhatsApp bundle.



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