Councillors to benefit from service agreement with Telkom/BCX


The City of Tshwane has entered into a master service agreement with Telkom/BCX SA SOC Limited. The agreement was signed at Tshwane House by the City Manager, Dr Moeketsi Mosola and the CEO of BCX, Mr Jonas Bogoshi.


The agreement comes after the City appointed Telkom/BCX as its provider for communication tools that will be used by councillors. The agreement commences on 27 June 2018, and will remain in place for a period of three years. 

The agreement will see all councillors of the City receiving a cell phone with unlimited data. The nature of their jobs is the main reason why the City decided to provide its councillors with cell phone allowances. Councillors deal with issues that affect community members and they sometimes run out of airtime and data when they have to escalate issues or address emergency matters.

The service will ensure that councillors have enough airtime and data to execute their duties effectively and efficiently. Communication as a tool is fundamental in governance, particularly in local government. Councillors work directly with national and provincial departments and they have to call heads of departments regularly to get information that will benefit residents. Through this agreement, councillors will be able to communicate with residents regarding issues of service delivery.


Telkom was chosen over other competitors, based on the package and pricing that was offered.



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