“kHI mOH kHI” Local Boutique where fashion is embraced

“kHI mOH kHI” Local Boutique ◦ It was found in November 2015 by Tebogo,Lawrence and Clifford. “Before we opened “KHI MOH KHI”( meaning Re MOH/ we are here) people used to ask us what kind of clothing brands we are wearing , where we bought them and why we specifically chose those brands.”

They used to compliment us a lot due to the type of brands we wore , as those brands attracted a lot of people especially young people. People loved our clothes to a point where they would literally ask us to sell them the items we wore at that present time. That’s when we realized ; why don’t we open our own business and make money through selling clothes.

We sold clothes privately then we got to a point where we had to open a shop so that people can find us at One spot. We managed to get our own international supplier of new and worn clothes of brands such as Diesel , Gucci, Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Versace , Balmain, Tom ford , Burberry etc . Some of our friends give us the clothes of those particular brands they don’t want anymore, so we sell them with a low price but they are always in a good condition.


When we were designing our shop we used drawings to exert a creative and fashionable atmosphere. To stay up to date with the latest fashions , we buy fashion magazines and we also use apps such as Instagram ,Facebook and we also watch fashion programmes .


We sell some items 10% less from their original prices because we can’t risk selling everything less , so most things are expensive as they are original brands . We donate some of our commission to the local charities even items people didn’t not buy or don’t need at all. Our ultimate goal is to try by all means to bring fashion to our community.


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