Water in Hammanskraal and surrounding areas is safe to drink

The City of Tshwane would like assure the residents of Hammanskraal and nearby areas that the quality of the water they get from the Temba Water Purification Plant is safe to drink and to use for other purposes.

This reassurance follows the cable theft that occurred at the Rooiwal Waste Water Treatment Plant on Thursday, 21 June 2018, which led to the disturbance of the  plant’s operational system. The cable that was stolen was swiftly replaced.

The Rooiwal Waste Water Treatment Plant relays water to the Temba Water Purification Plant, from which the communities in and around Hammanskraal receive water.

The Temba Water Purification Plant supplies the following areas:

  • Dilopye
  • New Eersterus
  • Temba
  • Babelegi Industries
  • Marokolong
  • Ramotse
  • Majaneng
  • Mandela Village
  • Sekampaneng
  • Hammanskraal

We appeal to the residents not to panic, as the water supplied in the above-mentioned areas meets the minimum required standards. The City is also committed to continuously monitor water supplied to the communities, and if abnormalities occur, the City will address them immediately.


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